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Latest news

Fermi Redmine: Data recovery Completed
I believe we now have the data lost from the crash last Thursday all put back. If you have data missing still from Thursday, contact me:
Added by Marc Mengel 4 days ago

Facilities Integration: Meeting Summary 02/22/2020
Participants: J. Kenney, C. Madison, K. Coppert, A. Eiffes, J. Juneau
Added by Josh Juneau 5 days ago

Fermi Redmine: System Outage w/ Lost data last week
The system outage last Thursday was caused by a database server crash; Fermi Redmine is currently missing any changes from about 5:00PM Feb 5 through 12:00 noon Feb 6. Update: about 2/3 of missing changes now recovered...
Added by Marc Mengel 6 days ago

Facilities Integration: Meeting Summary 10/01/2019
Attendees: Sabina Bellino, Kevin Coppert, Josh Juneau, Josh Kenney, Albert Eiffes
Added by Josh Juneau 4 months ago

Fermi Redmine: Upgrade to Redmine 3.4.11 Wednesday 2019-09-11 10:00 AM CST
We have upgraded Redmine to the latest 3.4 release.
Added by Marc Mengel 6 months ago

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